A master's thesis was discussed  in Department of Civil Engineering College of Engineering University of Mosul entitled Numerical Analysis for the stability of Armed Slopes Exposed to Earthquakes ) for the student Mohammad Hawas Hamid ) on Sunday (6/9/2020) on the hall Discussion in Department of Civil Engineering, by relying on electronic remote communication with a section of the discussion committee members .
The thesis included studying the stability of armed slopes exposed to earthquake loads by finding the safety factor and the value of the critical acceleration coefficient of the slope .
It found that the value of the safety coefficient of the slope improves by a rate ranging between(10-12)% with increasing the soil cohesion value by (5Kpa) It was also noted that the impact of the vehicle verticals to shake a few safety factor compared with the horizontal composite effect .
The study recommended to the work of field studies of the slopes in the city of Mosul , as well as to study the effect of the use of other types of armament.

The Committee discussion consisted of : -
1. Asst. Prof. Dr. Salah Wadie Ibrahim ... ( Chairman ).
2. Asst. Prof. Dr. Mahdi Karkush Obaid .... ( Member ).
3. Asst. Prof. Dr. Moataz AbdulJabbar Al-Obaidi ... ( Member ).
4. Prof. Dr. Suhail Idris Khattab ... ( member and supervisor ).
5. Dr. Qutaiba Nizar Qasim ... ( member and supervisor ).

Then the discussion committee read the decision which included acceptance the thesis and award the student the master degree.

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