On Thursday, 18/02/2021 Eng. Mowafaq Yousif Ibrahim ( Postgraduate student at Architecture Engineering Department ) successfully defended his thesis entitled "The Employment of Building Information Modeling (BIM) System in the architectural work - Requirements of its application in Iraq as a case study".

The thesis reached that the future vision to prepare (BIM) system application criteria in Iraq includes the similar aspects between criteria of the countries whose descriptions can be used in the Iraqi criteria and the different aspects that require in their preparation to give the privacy of Iraq, as well as defining the detailed requirements to apply (BIM 4D) system in urban projects in Iraq.

The discussion committee headed by Assistant Prof. Dr. Asmaa Hasan Al-Dabbagh (University of Mosul), membership of Assistant Prof. Dr. Safaa Aldeen Hussein Ali (University of Technology), Dr. Muzahim Mohammed Mustafa (University of Mosul), and Assistant Prof. Dr. Dhuha AbdulGhani Al-Qazzaz (University of Mosulmember and supervisor.

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