A scientific Research has been published titled ''Dose the flatting of the curve of spee affect the chewing force distribution in the mandible? (3D finite element study)" In a scientific Journal (Journal of Orthodontic Science), and It is within (Scopus) database. 

The Research aims to search the effects of curve of spee (COS) flattening on the stresses and displacment on the different mandible landmarks and lower teeth during posterior teeth loading using 3D finite element analysis.
It is worth noting that the Research is a joint collaboration between College of Dentistry and Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Mosul, completed by Dr. Lamiaa A Hassan (College of Dentistry), Dr. Sarmad S. Salih Al-Qassar (College of Dentistry), Dr. Mohammad N. Al-Rawi (Department of Mechanical Engineering), and Eng. Emad H. Al-Hajar (Department of Mechanical Engineering).

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