A PH.D dissertation was discussed entitiled "Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Four Fixed and Isolated Base Reinforced Concrete Buildings: Case and Parametric Study" submitted by Postgraduate student (Halla Jasem Mohamad Al-Hamdanee) to Department of Civil Engineering and successfully defended her dissertation on Monday April 19th, 2021. The viva was attended by Dr. Muneer Salim Al-Badrany, Rector Assistant of Mosul University for Scientific Affairs.

The dissertation included the use of five different methods to represent the lateral load distribution and compare the effect of the insulation system for the bases with the effect of the partition walls resulting from the analysis of the nonlinear static lateral thrust of reinforced concrete buildings consisting of (6,11,15,20) floors and studying their response to the impact of earthquakes..

The study found an improvement in the results of the analysis of the response of the isolated building in terms of normal period, acceleration, roof movement speed, bases shear forces, deflection in floors, displacement, overturning torque and the change relationship (torque - bending) in the columns..

The student recommended in her dissertation To conduct studies similar to the current one by using composite structural members instead of reinforced concrete.

The discussion committee consisted of Prof. Dr. Bayar Jaafar Al-Sulayvani (Chairman) and membership of Prof. Dr. Maysar Mohammed Jumaa, Assistant Prof. Dr. Akram Shaker Mahmood, Assistant Prof. Dr. Sufyan Younis Ahmed, Assistant Prof. Dr. Suhaib Yahya Qasim, and Prof. Dr. Mohammed Najim Mahmood (Member and Supervisor).

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