In order to achieve the objectives of the University in the society service and activating the role of its various specialties with the society, in implementation of the results of the Student Conference on creating new sustainable opportunities for the graduates employment, and for the need to inform the private and public sectors about the outstanding outcomes of students, which in their entirety address the problems that society suffers in its various sectors, the International Cooperation Program holds Between the universities of Mosul, TU Dortmund, Germany, and Austrian Graz (RESI), and in cooperation with College of Engineering at University of Mosul represented by Department of Architecture Engineering an exhibition of projects for current students and recent graduates which focused on the topics of sustainable reconstruction in the city of Mosul.

The exhibition entitled "Clima-Culture Vision for the Reconstruction of Mosul Students Perspectives" is being held at books Platform in conjunction with its simultaneous stay at the Austrian Graz University. The exhibition includes projects for the reconstruction and construction of places damaged in the war, such as Haraj Popular Market, Al-Nabi Sheet District, Al-MarKazia School, the Green Apartments and other distinguished projects on Friday, July 16, and lasts for one day, on the books platform in AlMajmooah Althaqafia street. On the same day, the exhibition opens in Austria at Graz University and will continue for 5 days, ending on July 21.

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