Under the frame of the international cooperation program between University of Mosul, TU Dortmund, Germany, and Austrian Graz (RESI), Department of Architecture's students opened an exhibition of students’ projects on visions of a sustainable reconstruction of Mosul on Friday 17/7/2021.
The exhibtion is shown at both Mosul book platform and the climate-culture pavillion in Graz (Austria).
The opening consisted of dialogues between lecturers of college of Engineering, the director of Mosul University libraries, RESI Steering Commitee members and TU Dortmund representatives with lecturers, students and public from Graz with via Zoom platform.
it included a presentation of the students projects of Department of Architecture. In it, samples of the vertical housing projects for the third satge and samples of graduation projects were presented, the Mosul train station on the left side of the city, a smart school complex, the monument of the Mosul martyr, the development of Haraj market, the reconstruction of the development of the area surrounding Al-Nabi Sheet Mosque and the reconstruction of Mosul Municipality.
The exhibtion was attended by Dr. Ahmed Al-Omari, head of Department of Architecture and a group of lecturers and students. it was well attended and applauded by the audience on both sides.

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