A Master thesis was discussed in Department of Civil Engineering College of Engineering University of Mosul, entitled "Non Linear Finite Element Analysis of Higher Strength Fibrous Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams" on Sunday, Sep. 12, 2021 submitted by postgraduate student (Qadria Saef Alden Younis).

The thesis aims to conduct a non-linear analysis process for the deep beams of high strength reinforced fibrous concrete subjected to vertical loads using the finite element method, Where the results of many published scientific research were used and the formative relationships were suggested by conducting a regressive analysis of these results using the statistical program (SPSS) .

The results of the study reached a good agreement for the relationship Load Iodin ), as well as the analytical results of the finite element method showed that the increase in the compressive strength of concrete from 60 to 140 MPa leads to an increase in the maximum load by 11.72 %.

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