A master’s thesis was discussed in Department of Dams  and Water Resources Engineering / College of Engineering at University of Mosul entitled "Improvement of Hydraulic Performance of the Vertical Shaft Spillway with Dual Water Jet" on Monday, Sep. 20, 2021 submitted by postgraduate student (Firas Ibrahim Khalil).

The thesis included study the characteristics of the flow in the vertical spillway using dual water jets as a hydraulic and economical tool (way) for improving the performance of the vertical spillway by increasing the amount of discharge passing through the vertical spillway, increasing the discharge coefficient and raising the value of the Froude number as a function of increasing the discharge passing through the vertical spillway. The dual water jets were installed on a graded rail movable horizontal and vertical, the water Jet was tested, which hits the water vortex formed above the edge of the vertical spillway, and the extent to which the energy of the vortex water was dissipated and the performance of the vertical spillway was improved in the largest possible discharge.

The results showed that for weir flow, when dimension less parameters increasing the discharge coefficient decreased while for orifice flow the discharge coefficient increased, these all before jet operating while when jet operating for weir flow.

The thesis refers that dual water jets have an effect in improving the performance of the vertical spillway and increasing the discharge, especially in the case of orifice flow and large diameters.

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