A PH.D Dissertation was discussed in Department of Electrical Engineering / College of Engineering / University of Mosul entitled "Improvement Performance of Six Phase Induction Motor Driving by PWM Inverter" submitted by postgraduate student (Myasar Salim Younus Alattar), supervised by Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Nasser Alsammak on Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021.

The dissertation included model six- phase induction motor which drives by voltage source inverter constructed by double three-phase inverters using PWM technique to generate three-level voltage waveform. This arrangement of driver increased the system reliably under faulty condition and flexibility to controllability. To regulate speed of induction motor drive, a constant ratio of volt- hertz (v/f) control strategy is implemented to adjust the modulation index (m-factor) that gives the wanted speed for motor. In addition, an intelligent control strategy, Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy (ANFIS) controller is used to accelerate the response of the drive system which gives the driver a better performance compared with the traditional strategy. Also proportional–integral- differential (PID) controller is implemented to adjust the motor speed, when both strategies are used to get different values of speed the results prove that using ANFIS is the best choice for regulating the speed.

The equivalent circuit of induction motor consists of both resistances and inductances, varying the values for one or more of their parameters leads to change the drive performance, where this operation depends on varying the physical characteristics of the motor winding. The simulation results, where different cases of changing both mutual and rotor equivalent circuit parameters, show these effects on speed and torque response of drivers to get optimal state: with low current consumption, lesser losses and smoother waveform of signal with smaller harmonics distortion.

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