A master thesis was discussed in Department of Electrical Engineering / College of Engineering / University of Mosul entitled "Digital Signal Processing for Filter Bank Multicarrier Technology" submitted by postgraduate student (Abd AL-Kareem Ali Mohammed Salih), supervised by Dr. Mahmood Jasim Mohammed on Thursday, Nov. 25, 2021.

In this thesis, the FBMC-OQAM system was implemented using two proposed waveforms SHAPE1 & SHAPE2, and a comparison was made between the two proposed forms and the other commonly used forms in several respects. The performance of the system was evaluated in the presence of the proposed form SHAPE2 and relying on it to show all the results because of the distinguished results it provides and its superiority over the first proposed form of SHAPE1 and over the rest of the systems in terms of BER & SNR, time and frequency response, and performance monitoring for other cases. Therefore, this proposed form can be presented as one of the waveforms that can be relied on in the next generation of wireless communications.

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