A master thesis was discussed in Department of Electrical Engineering / College of Engineering / University of Mosul entitled "Modeling and evaluating the performance of Long Term Evaluation (LTE) networks in a part of Mosul city" submitted by postgraduate student (Mahmood Samir Sadoon Alqazaz), supervised by Assist. Prof. Dr.  Saad Ahmed Ayoob on Thursday, Dec. 02, 2021.

The thesis included the performance of Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks for the fourth generation system was evaluated by using simulation models represent a realistic network in the Atoll software, and a real drive test was doing for one of the networks operating in  Mosul city using the Lite G-Net application. Both of simulation results and drive test results showed the presence  a gaps in the fourth generation coverage for areas close to the cell tower sites.

Several methods were suggested to solve the problems of fourth generation coverage, including changing the locations of some towers, increasing the antenna height, changing the antenna tilt, changing the antenna direction, and increasing the cell's transmission power. These methods contributed to fill the coverage gaps of the fourth generation and improving the cellular coverage in Mosul city by 6% in large residential areas and 10% in small residential areas.

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