A Higher Diploma Research was discussed in Department of Electrical Engineering / College of Engineering / University of Mosul entitled "Speed , Distance and Angle Measurement for Mobile Robots using Arduino" submitted by postgraduate student (Noor Ghanem Ismail), supervised by Dr. Mohammed Obaid Mustafa on Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2022.

Many robotics applications need correct and safe navigation and to know or measure the angle of deflection of the robot, the speed of the robot , and the distance traveled by the robot.

Therefore, in this research, we will measure the speed, distance and angle of deflection of robots, depending on the Arduino  program. Where we will build a small robot powered by lithium batteries and use a joystick to drive it. During operation, we can measure the speed , distance and angle of the robot and display it in real time on the screen connected to the Arduino. This project helps measure this information, which can be used to operate the robot independently in many industrial and service applications.

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