Under the patronage of University of Mosul’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Kossay Kamalaldeen Al-Ahmadi, Department of Electrical Engineering at College of Engineering held scientific symposium for the academic year 2021-2022 entitled "Rapid Development in Communication Systems" on Monday, May 09, 2022.

The symposium was attended by Dr. Omar Mowafaq Alyousif (Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs in charge of duties of Dean of the College), Prof. Dr. Khalid Khalil (Dean of College of Electronics Engineering), Mr. Omar Turath Tawfeeq (Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs), Heads of the scientific departments, and The lecturers of Electrical Engineering Department.

The symposium opened with the research entitled (Smart Surfaces for Modern Communication Systems) presented by Assist. Prof. Dr. Yessar Ezzaldeen Mohammed Ali and Mr. AbdulRahman Khaled Al-Hafidh. Then the sessions represented by the first session on (The New Dimension of Cyber ​​Threats) were presented by Assist. Prof. Firas Sami and Mr. Fawaz Yaseen Abdullah, the sessions continued with the second session on (Modern Technologies in the Fifth Generation of Communication) presented by Dr. Farhad E. Mahmood.

The symposium recommended the establishment of new academic institution dealing with the field of cyber security to set national standards and frameworks, allocating an appropriate financial budget for this field, reconsidering the restructuring of the relevant scientific departments to have an impact on building and developing teaching staff, and finally an in-depth study of the relevant study curricula for university students.

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