A master thesis was discussed in Department of Architecture Engineering / College of Engineering at University of Mosul entitled "Assessment of the possibilities of providing natural lighting in the urban economic housing in Mosul city" submitted by (Omar Sulaiman Khalaf), Supervised By Dr.  Hasan Abdul Razaq Al-Sanjary on Thursday, May 19, 2022.

The thesis aims to evaluate the possibilities of economic urban dwelling in the city of Mosul in the extent of providing natural lighting for its spaces, according to this aim, three questions arise: (What is the efficiency of the economic dwelling units in providing lighting and what are the most important factors that negatively affect their efficiency, and what are the available and scalable possibilities in them to improve their characteristics). These questions frame the sub-objectives to answer, which include the advantages, disadvantages, and possibilities of this dwelling style.

The study concluded a number of conclusions, including the relationship of the problem of lighting in the economic dwelling within the space of the interior spaces, which were negatively or positively affected by the various variables identified by the study, as well as the social factor, and a large number of problems were associated with the design treatments of the models rather than being features of the characteristics of the basic style.

The study concluded many indicators that showed the dweller’s interest in providing lighting for the spaces, while this sensitivity and attention did not reach the sufficient extent to achieve the necessary levels of lighting, whether due to the weak design capabilities or the weak role of natural lighting among the priorities of other factors affecting the design, such as the role of the social factor in signing the spaces within the dwelling.

These results indicate the possibilities of dealing with this dwelling style and its known determinants by relying on some design improvements, which can be better achieved within future typical projects by providing clearer design capabilities and structural limitations on urban dwelling and stimulating the emergence of better solutions to provide natural lighting in its models within the general production.


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