A master thesis was discussed in Department of Mechanical Engineering / College of Engineering at University of Mosul entitled "Effects of Radiation on Free Convection Non-Darcy Flow along Non-isothermal Vertical Wall Embedded in a Porous Medium With Heat Generation" submitted by (Rafee Mohammad Dawood), Supervised By Dr. Saddam Atteyia Mohammad on Thursday, June 02, 2022.

The thesis presented a numerical study to simulate the effect of  thermal radiation on  natural convection non-Darcy flow along non-isothermal vertical plate embedded in a porous medium with heat generation . similarity solution are used to convert the governing differential  equations from its dimensional form to its dimensionless form .  finite deference method is used to convert the governing differential  equations of the problem to its numerical form , and then its programed by using fortran language. The work of the program is tested by making a comparison between present work and previously published work , and the result of the comparison is good after that the program is runned to give the results related to this study.

The results showed that the increase in the index of power law (n) that represent the increase in the surface temperature of the vertical plate leads to decrease the dimensionless velocity and temperature of the fluid and increase the local Nusselt number and enhance the average Nusselt number to the critical value of (n), then its decrease gradually . furthermore , the increase in the power law index cases increase in the value of local wall shear stress . the excess in the forchheimer parameter ( f0 ) causes reduction in the fluid flow velocity and small decrease in the fluid temperature, also decrease in the local and average Nusselt number and local shear stress.

The increase in the thermal radiation parameter in the present of heat generation leads to a noticeable rise in the dimensionless fluid flow velocity and dimensionless temperature , also increase in the local and average Nusselt number parameters and reduction in the local wall shear stress parameter.

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