Under the auspices of Triangle of Human Generation (TGH) organization , a continuing education course was held at Department of Dams and Water Resources Engineering / College of Engineering / University of Mosul from 19/6/2022 to 24/6/2022 entitled "Climate Changes, Drought and the Use of Advanced Software in Water Resources Engineering".

The course dealt with many topics, the most important are: Climate Changes and Drought in Iraq, SAMS Program, Available Simulation Models and Their Use in Dams and Reservoirs Management.

The course presented by : Assist. Prof. Dr. Anmar Abdulaziz Al-Taleb, Assist. Prof. Dr. Omar Miqdad Abdulghani, Dr. Shatha Hazim Dawood and Dr. Yousif Hashim Abdullah. At the end of the course, a test was conducted for the participants and a certificate of participation was given to them.

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