A Higher Diploma Research was discussed in Department of Civil Engineering / College of Engineering at University of Mosul entitled "Embankment Design on a soft soil" submitted by (Neamah Nazeeh Shamoon), Supervised By (Dr. Asaad Mohemmed Azhar) on Thursday, June 23, 2022.

The research includes methods of applying loads, designing and analyzing stresses on soft soils, and thus estimating subsidence and monitoring through knowledge of soil data, including: Description of weak soil layers And field monitoring, where the design was based on the application of loads in two ways: the method of regular loads on a rectangular area and the method of ramping by manual solution and comparing the results using the Geo5 program using the compressive index model.

The Research aims to develop soil behavior by studying many variables for the area under the loads, as well as the amount of subsidence for that site. Regarding to the importance of the issue of subsidence in the soil and its great impact on the stability of the structures built on it, especially for the weak clay soil (the subject of our research), on it, calculations related to landing under the soil ramp were made and finding the best appropriate ways to improve the properties of this type of soil to reach the desired goal of investment, so, those sites don't neglect their cases.

It is noticed the positive effect of increasing the height and diameter of the drains, where the effect of variables related to sand drains (diameter, height, interlayer distances) was studied and while reducing the interlayer distances and achieving the best results.

The study concluded that improving the weak clay soil using the pre-loading technique by creating a mound temporarily has a significant impact on increasing the subsidence, reducing the compressibility and accelerating the joining, especially with the development of Interspaces.

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