A Higher Diploma Research was discussed in Department of Electrical Engineering / College of Engineering at University of Mosul entitled "Application Of Model Predictive Controller( MPC) For An Automatic Voltage Regulator of a Three Phase Synchronous Generator" submitted by (Heba Esam Ali), Supervised By (Dr. Omar Mowafaq Alyousif ) on Sunday, Wednesday 29, 2022.

The research provided the design of a control strategy that is based on model predictive control (MPC) and was applied to an AVR of a synchronous generator so as to control and maintain normal voltage whether even under a fault or a change in loads. Where MPC is used to solve the problem of multi variable control where each of the variables might impose a significant impact on the operation. MPC has the advantages that it can operate effectively within the already constrained model. The disadvantage of MPC is its complex algorithm that requires more time than other controlling units.

MATLAB-SIMULINK® simulation program was adopted to represent the system and to compare voltage change with the classical AVR and in case of MPC for three different scenarios: overload, three phases to ground fault, and single-phase to ground fault.

The results showed the effectiveness of MPC in terms of the duration of voltage stability and the peak voltage value of the voltage when an error or change in the load occurred.

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