A Higher Diploma Research was discussed in Department of Civil Engineering / College of Engineering at University of Mosul entitled "Analysis and Design of a Multi-Store Building Contains Composite Columns" submitted by (Qusai Muhammad Abdul Majeed Qassem), Supervised By (Dr. Bara Jabbar Mahmoud) on Tuseday, June 28, 2022.

Libraries, restaurants, warehouses, residential complexes and other buildings, the work on the above project was chosen to acquire sufficient skill To choose the structural members and the required analysis and design and take the right decision when there is a need to construct a building with structural sections that are able to withstand the internal and external forces and moments, the impact of earthquakes, the impact of fires and corrosion, and then investigating the expected loads and then analyzing the origin and drawing the plans of shear and moments and the distribution of stresses and calculating the axial forces The bending forces and sections are designed according to the specifications of the American Code (ACI 318- 14) and the code (AISC 360-16) using the ETABS program, then manual calculations are made for the design of the foundation using the SAFE program to achieve safety for the origin and an economic cost that meets the requirements of the project.

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