A research win for a master’s student from Department of Electrical Engineering as the best research participant in the International Conference on Communication and Information Technology IICCIT’2022 and with scientific sponsorship from the IEEE Iraq Branch, which was held in College of Information Technology and in cooperation with Department of Computer Engineering and Department of Computer Science / University of Basra and Shatt Al-Arab College, Al-Ahlia University For the period from 7-8 September 2022.

Within the scientific activities of  Department of Electrical Engineering, the research entitled "Improving the Performance of Pitch Angle Control of Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion Systems Using Fractional PI Controller" was chosen for master's student Zainab Jamal Mohammed Alohmayed under the supervision of Dr. Saad Inad Mohammed Al-Jubouri and Dr. Mohammed Obaid Mustafa Al-Akedi as the best research participant in "Iraqi International Conference on Communication & Information Technologies, (IICCIT-2022 IEEE)".

The research deals with two distinct methods for controlling the tilt angle of a variable speed wind turbine using a permanent magnet synchronous generator. The performance of the tilt angle controller is improved by using the FPI (Fractional proportional integral controller) method, which increases the accuracy of choosing the ideal angle, reduces the latency and stability Thus, increasing the overall efficiency of the system and protecting it from damage.

Note that the research is one of the requirements for the master's study, as at least one research paper is published for master's students during the study period.


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