With funding from University of Mosul and with exceptional efforts by presidency of University of Mosul, represented by its president, Prof. Dr. Kossay Kamalaldeen Al-Ahmady and Under the supervision of Head of Civil Engineering Department, Civil Engineering Department opened a new laboratory (Model Electronic Laboratory) which includes modern computers that are controlled by an advanced central computer.

This newly advanced laboratory provides services to the students of the department and students of College of Engineering in general, including the establishment of continuing education courses, the control of electronic exams, and other distinctive and important services in the higher education and scientific research sector.

The laboratory was opened by the President of University of Mosul on Monday, 9/19/2022, in the presence of the Rector assistant for scientific affairs, Dr. Muneer Salim Al-Badrany, Dean of College of Engineering, Dr. Omar Al-Yousif and his assistants for scientific and administrative affairs and all heads of departments of the college.

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