A Master thesis was discussed in department of Architectural Engineering at University of Mosul entitled "The strategy of generating and using traditional Mosulian motifs and employing them in interior design" submitted by (Rusull Saad Mahmoud) under the supervision of Lecturur Dr. Uday Qusay AbdulQadir on Wednesday, 23/11/2022.

The thesis discussed the traditional motifs in Mosul, their types and characteristics, design and mechanism to design modern motifs derived from the original that can be used in contemporary design. The research problem was (the absence of a clear definition of the types of conductive decorations, their characteristics and design mechanisms by which the continuity of the conductive identity can be ensured, as well as the lack of studies that focus on the foundations of the production of conductive decorations and their mechanisms).
The main objective of the thesis is to find a mechanism for designing motifs of traditional origin that can be used in several places within the interior design of heritage and modern buildings. The most prominent results of the study are the possibility of generating thousands of new models of Mosulian decorations based on the basic characteristics extracted from the process of classification and analysis, and the possibility of using Mosulian decoration in modern design to ensure the continuity of heritage and the preservation of identity.

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