A Higher Diploma Research was discussed in Department of Electrical Engineering / College of Engineering at University of Mosul entitled "Design and Fabrication p-n Junction using Sin-Al Material with Sputtering Method" submitted by (Marwa Essam Ahmed), Supervised By Prof. Dr. Khalid Khalil Mohammed on Monday Dec. 5, 2022.

The Research includes the fabrication of the Schottky junction (a special type of p-n divider) by the sputtering method using the device (QuorumQ300TT). The effect of the gold film thickness on the Schottky junction of the three samples of different thicknesses (500، 1000، 1500 Ȧ) was studied in the dark circumstance.

The current-voltage properties of the sample (1500 Ȧ) were measured in the dark and again when exposed to direct solar illumination، as it was found that the illumination has a weak luminous effect due to the high defect density and the presence of an interlayer، which led to a high series resistance in the junction.

The three samples were subjected to the thermal annealing process using an electric furnace and the effect of different temperatures (200،300℃) on the three samples of different thicknesses (1500، 1000، 500 Ȧ) was studied and also concluded that increasing the temperature affected the three Schottky connections represented by increasing the current with the forward bias A decrease in the leakage current in the reverse bias، which is due to the increase in the density of the charge carriers generated at the surface of the silicon، besides the increase in temperature reduces the stresses inside the crystal structure of the silicon، thus reduces the concentration of point defects.


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