Department of Electrical Engineering held a training course on "Reverse Engineering" on Monday 5/12/2022 in the presence of the participants which lasts for three days, as the course subjects are benefit to electrical engineers, lecturers and the engineers at College of Engineering.

The course presented by Prof. Dr. Mohammed Tariq Yaseen, Assist. Prof. Firas Sami Haseeb, the lecturer Ibrahim Ismail Abdulhameed, Dr. Salwan Samir Sabry, the lecturer Fawaz Yaseen Abdullah, and Assist. Lecturer Ali Abbawi Mohammed.

The course topics :

Day 1: The difference between reverse engineering and other types of engineering and the history of reverse engineering.

Day 2 : The motives of reverse engineering and the stages of reverse engineering.

Day 3: Reverse engineering applications, reverse engineering tools, and the legitimacy of reverse engineering.


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