A Master thesis was discussed in Department of Mechanical Engineering / College of Engineering at University of Mosul entitled "Effect of Inner Pipe Surface Roughness on the Performance of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger " submitted by (Wafaa Abdulrazaq Alhafidh), Supervised By Ass.prof.Dr. Adnan M. AlSaffawi On Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2023.
This research includes an experimental study to find out the effect of the outer surface roughness of the inner tube of double-pipe counter-flow heat exchanger, on its thermal performance and pressure drop on its ends. A laboratory device was manufactured to test four heat exchangers, of different tube relative surface roughness . The results showed that the surface roughness has an effect on the performance of the exchanger. The heat transfer rate and the efficiency of the heat exchanger increased with the increase in surface roughness .
The discussion committee consisted of “Prof. Fayaad Mohammed Abid as Chairman, Ass.Prof. Dr. Abdulrahmaan H. Alhabbo as a member, Ass.Prof. Ziyad M. Majeed as a member, and Ass.prof Dr. Adnan M. Alsaffawi as a member and supervisor.”
Then the decision of the discussion committee was read and included the acceptance of the thesis with granting the student a master's degree.

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