The environmental impact of Qayyarah refinery was studied, commissioned by the esteemed North Refineries Company
Where the Environmental Research Center sent Dr. Fathi Abdullah Mandeel and Assistant Professor Taha Ahmed Al-Tayyar with a field visit on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 to the company’s site, The gentlemen responsible for the refinery and its employees have a more than wonderful reception for our center’s envoys. The visit came to find out the environmental effects of the refinery and collect The necessary data that lasted for nearly six hours to conduct the study, several meetings were held with the people in charge of the refinery’s work. The visit was characterized by high transparency in data collection, and resulted in the diagnosis of all positive and negative aspects related to the work environment and the area surrounding the project.
   Although there are some obstacles that the project suffers from as a result of the recent war, it was noted that there is a high interest by the administration in providing safety means, as well as their interest in landscaping in order to reach an environment free from pollution as much as possible.




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