In the presence of Prof. Dr. Kossay Kamalaldeen Al-Ahmedy President of the University of  Mosul, a member and supervisor. Discuss the Department of biology at the Faculity of Science in Mosul University PhD thesis tagged “Biosynthesis of some nanoparticles in water and investigation of its effectiveness on wastewater treatment in Mosul city” in Monday 16/5/2022 a part of it was attended by Dr. Saba Khair El-Din Al-Taii, Director of the Environmental Research Center and Prof. Dr. Heyam Adel Al-Taii the Head of the Department of Science, Dr. Raied Al- Saffar and a number of professors . The aims of this study was dealt with isolation and identification of some bacteria from wastewater and utilized it in biosynthesis of some nanoparticles, characterization of nanoparticles was performed by using Uv-Vis spectroscopy , Scanning Electron Infrared Spectroscopy. The study touched on some applications of adding biosynthesized nanoparticles to high sulfur resistant (HSR) super soft cement to improve the characters of concrete mixtures and increase compressive strength, another application is the synthesis of nanogum from local Arabic gum and also application includes the study of nanoparticles in treatment of wastewater and enhancement the features of wastewater by modifying a filtration system using iron and titanium nanoparticles and detection its effect on wastewater quality where  it led to high efficiency in improving chemical, physical and biological characteristics of wastewater.

At the end of the discussion the supervising committee awarded a doctorate degree with distinction to researcher May Abdul-Hafed Abdul-Kader, congratulations to the researcher this distinction and success, and  best wishes to increase giving to arise the flag of our dear university and Iraq.

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