Mrs Ashuaq Muhammad Ali, the human resources manager at the environment research centre, has represented the centre in the meeting of women's empowerment unit in the university of Mosul. The meeting was according to the invitation from the responsible of the unit, the assistant lecturer Miss Layla Saifuddeen on Tuesday the 21st of June 2022.
     The meeting reviewed the main problems faced by the link members of the unit during conducting their commitments which assigned to them by the empowerment unit in previous meetings. Some of the suggested ideas and programs have been also discussed in the meeting.         

      Some of these ideas were related to the activities in the university and the others are regarding the role of the university within the community.
Furthermore, it was emphasized that the link members should be more active within their departments and units especially regarding womenly activities.
      At the end of the meeting, the responsible of the unit recommended to intensify the communication between the link members and work hard to perform the plans during summer holiday.




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