Prof. Dr. Qusay Kamaladdin Al-Ahmedy, Rector of University of Mosul receives the Commander of Nineveh Operations, Major General of Staff Noman Al-Zoba'ei in the presidency office, today September 11 2019. 

During the meeting they discussed the ways of joint cooperation and opening paths of communication between the university and the security institution represented by the Commandership of Operations. The discussions were focused on the importance of the role of the university in establishing the stands of community security and the necessity of breaking the barriers between the educational and the security systems upon the belief that the university is a mini Iraqi society that dispenses messages of peace and love to Mosul and all over Iraq, by hosting students from all the Iraqi provinces. In his turn, the Commander affirmed the Commandership's full support to the university and pledged to assign engineering units to help in reconstructing the university and to meet its needs in different sides. Noteworthy is that this is the first visit the Commander pays to University of Mosul after assuming his post. 

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