Headed by Rector Qusay Al-Ahmedy, the Council of University of Mosul met today, February 25, 2020 to discuss updates about the recorded outbreak of Corona Virus in Iraq.

The meeting was concluded by the following recommendations:

  1. To form awareness promoting groups of volunteering students to tell students and staffs about the best ways of prevention and control of the disease without spreading panic.
  2. To print health educational posters and stick them in suitable places so that the students can read them.
  3. Charging College of Medicine and the other medical specializations to hold forums during the next week, in which they should explain the nature of the virus, the ways of preventing the disease, the ways of dealing and treatment, and to answer people's inquiries.
  4. Advising the hostel's students not to travel back home, or if they travelled not to be back until further notice. 

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