In compliance with University of Mosul's vision to lead on up-to-date, and in response to the current situation imposed by the outbreak of #CoronaVirus, College of Law held the 1st Cultural Student's E-Festival online on March 25, 2020. The event, which was under auspices of Rector Qusay Al-Ahmedy and supervision of Dean of the College Prof. Dr. Ammar Sadoon Hamid, was prepared, coordinated, produced and directed all online via various applications.

The event was organized into four e-sessions:
- The first e-session was dedicated for the opening of the festival and included keynote speakers and other relevant items.
- The second one was an artistic one, which focused on the College, and was subdivided into:
1. Virtual drawing gallery.
2. Virtual photography gallery.

- The third one was a literary one and was also subdivided into:
1. Verses and prose recitation.
2. Legal: describing the current #CoronaVirus crisis situation in legal terms.

- The fourth one was the Academic and Society Service one and was subdivided into:
1. The Academic: it included a short legal questions competition for the students.
2. Society Service: it included a briefing on the sanitization efforts made by the students of the College covering some schools in the right side of Mosul. 

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