Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research decided that the home (Iraq) stay during Coronavirus time is to be considered in-campus stay for the students abroad. This comes as a solution for the students for the regulation break of the required residency duration of the in-campus stay in the countries they study in.

Chief Head of the Scholarships and Cultural Relations Office said that the ministry decided to consider the duration of students return to Iraq during Coronavirus included within the residency required for the evaluation of the degrees obtained. He added that the students, whose affiliation universities adopted online learning, are required to provide documents that support that they are continuing their study online, and for those, whose affiliation universities halted completely the study, including the online programs, they are required to complete the residency duration later, and to consider the pre-Coronavirus and the complementary post-Coronavirus for them to meet the requirements of degree evaluation. Yet, for those, who stayed tuned to study abroad, their residency duration stays as it is. 


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