In the line of supporting our students and alumni, and with direct support from Rector Kossay Al-Ahmady, Department of Translation of College of Arts initiated a cooperation program with ASU of the states. The program, which is intended to put through a TESOL project and a GTC project, will capacitate 150 students, Prof. Dr. Hala Khalid Najm, Head of Department of Translation said after the virtual meeting with the ASU coordinator, Dr. Shane Dixon.

The TESOL project consists of three courses on second language acquisition, lesson design and assessment, and will be taught by ASU staff. While, the GTC project is to focus on the principles of translation. The participants are to translate 15,000 words material each, according to the guidelines of, and are to be given certificates in case of meeting success criteria.

It is worthwhile that the participants are to be provided with certificates that qualify them to teach English as a second language, and to be qualified translators and tutors to work with, and other places. 


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