Rector Kossay Al-Ahmady received Prof. Manhal Aziz Al-Khabbaz, Iraqi Minister of Industry and Minerals in his office on June 18, 2020. During their meeting, they discussed the ways of cooperation between the Ministry and University of Mosul, and focused on making use of the capabilities of the University in supporting the public health efforts against Covid-19 Pandemic.

Minister Al-Khabbaz specified the most needed items in this time and the emphasized the urgency of producing them, naming the Ethanol, which is considered the first firewall against Coronavirus; the artificial respiration apparatuses; and the virus transfer media, VTM, which are used to take samples for analysis and diagnosis.

Also, the two parties agreed upon doing more scientific cooperation, the activation of the technology of incubation, and orienting the academic researches leads in the way that serves the governmental institutions interests.

Last, the Minister appreciated the undertakings of the University toward society and the openness policy that it adopts. 

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