Emphasizing the important role of art in lifting spirits and raising public awareness, particularly in the time of Coronavirus pandemic, and under the auspices of Rector Kossay Al-Ahmady, College of Fine Arts of University of Mosul held the 2019-2020 Arts Festival, virtually.

The festival, which was supervised by Dean of the college and the staff, included a collection of theatrical performances, through students of Department of Theater, that aim to raise awareness against the Pandemic, titled (Love in the Time of Corona; Incantation against Covid-19; Campaign Don't Mention It). 

Also, the festival included the exhibition of paintings, calligraphies, and handwork items by students of Department of Plastic Arts, and Department of Art Education, whose themes turned around the Pandemic.

It is worthwhile that the festival is held in support of the initiative set by University of Mosul to fight against Coronavirus, and in support of the Nineveh Crisis Cell efforts. 

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