Maths Department of College of Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Mosul conducted a viva voce for the MSc Student, Noor Mohammed Noori, supervised by Assist Prof. Dr. Omar Saber Qasim, and paneled by Prof. Dr. Ban Ahmed Hassan Mitras, a chairwoman; Assist Prof. Dr. Jamal Salahaddin Sayyid Majid, and Assist Prof. Nazar Khalaf Hussein, members.

The study presented two groups of carcino-stats: a prostate group, and a colon one, to test the efficacy of the proposed hybrid algorithm, FFA_BGWO. The test was repeated 10 times using the validation-cross concept, to make sure not to fall in partiality in selecting the groups of training and testing, and the results yielded proved the efficacy and the high precision of the FFA_BGWO in the Mistake Square Equation, MSE and the other selected features compared to the ordinary grey wolf algorithm. 


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