University of Mosul's team got the first prize of the Summer training program due to the accord between Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, IREX international organization, and Zain Iraq, under the supervision of the Rehabilitation and Employment Section, University of Mosul.

The program, to which 16 teams of different Iraqi universities attended, aims to make the students acquire the necessary experiences and skills to establish pioneering youth projects that serve society in different fields like entrepreneurship, marketing, communications and time management skills, digitalization, and creativity.

In the program that lasted for a month, many trainers from different nationalities participated and students of University of Mosul won the lights and got the first prize. 

The students are:

  1. Raghda Saad Abdullah, College of Administration and Economics.
  2. Burak Mohammed Said Elias, College of Science.
  3. Mohammed tayseer Mazin Hashim, College of Engineering.
  4. Omar Ayad Talab, College of Administration and Economics.
  5. Mohammed Nawfal Abdulrahman, College of Computer Science and Mathematics.



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