College of Fine Arts, in cooperation with Noon Foundation for Organizing Festivals and Conferences, opened the 3rd Theater Monodrama Festival, titled (Our Theater... Establishing and Pioneering), in homage of the departed artist, Ali Ihsan Al-Jarrah. The event, which was opened by Rector Assistant for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Munir Salim Taha and Dean of College of Fine Arts, Assistant Prof. Dr. Nash'at Mubarak Slewah, aims to promote Iraqi Mosulli theater and to revive the artistic and cultural scene in Mosul.

Many artistic groups participated in the event, which is to last from January 12-17, 2021, including: Department of Theatrical Arts of College of Fine Arts, Peace Theatricians for Acting and Folklore, Mohammed Noori Tabbu's Company, Sada Group for Performance Arts, Soprano Center for Arts, the Shabaki Group for Acting and Theater, and Nineveh Plain Artists' League. 

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