Assist Prof. Dr. Haitham Luqman al-Hiali and his MSc student, Nesmah Idrees al-Mimari of Department of Biology/ College of Sciences identified three DNA strings of the Leishmania Tropica parasite in the course of their research titled (Biochemical and Molecular Effect of Liposomal Amphotericin B and Thalidomide Synergism to Treat Cutaneous and Visceral Leishmaia in Vitro).

The strings were registered officially in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, NCBI on April 28th, 2022, under entries:

  1. Leishmania Tropica Nes-H1 DNA.
  2. Leishmania Tropica Nes-H2 DNA.
  3. Leishmania Tropica Nes-H3 DNA. 


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