Under the directives of Dr. Kossay Al-Ahmady, President of the University of Mosul, to use the available digital offers to move forward in implementing the University's vision. Mr. Sayf Al-Ashqar, Secretary-General of the University Libraries, chaired a weekly e-meeting with the officials of library divisions through Google Meet electronic platform on Saturday, May 30, 2020, to discuss the progress of the library technical and administrative work as agreed in previous e-meetings, considering the cooperation between the library and academic institutions and discreet local and international magazines for the good of the University students, researchers and the community as a whole. Digitizing all library records was within the discussion that also urged the administrative division to complete the pension files and send them to the University Presidency for those referred to retirement according to the new pension law to facilitate their access to pension rights as soon as possible. The meeting confirmed on implementing the recommendations of the University of Mosul wholeheartedly to

preserve the reputation of the University and the Library.

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