This book is a poetry collection of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Sarie Al-Raffaa, the most notable poet of Mosul in the Abbasid era (C4 AH / C10 AD). This book of poems was published by Sader Publishing House (Beirut:1996), with a preface and explanation by Akram Al-Bustani. His title (Al-Raffaa) came from his sewing profession. He had a great tendency to write poetry and literature. He wrote poems of praise, satire, and love and devoted many other poems to express his longing for his city of Mosul that circumstances forced him to leave forever. He travelled to Aleppo to praise Saifuddaula Al-Hamadani and then he left for Baghdad to praise the Caliph's Wazir Al-Muhallabi and other notables of the Metropolis until he died and buried there, leaving us a legacy of awesome and wonderful poems full of sweet, figurative, flowery and highly descriptive words.

Samer Saad Al-Obeidi

Department of History

College of Education for Humanities

University of Mosul


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