(The Contemporary Eminent Personalities of Mosul), which was written by the researcher and educator Ballawi Fat'hi Al-Hamduni and published by Noon Publishing and Distribution House (Mosul: 2019), documents the biographies of Mosul creative persons who successfully excelled in various areas of creativity. Its introduction was written by Prof. Dr. Thannun Al-Taii, former director of the Center for Mosul Studies. Each of one of the seven chapters of the book mentions a group of biographies of certain Mosuli notable figures whose fame preceded them in a certain field of creativity: clerics, imams and khatibs; teachers, educators, and university professors; writers, poets, and calligraphers; journalists and media professionals; actors, plastic artists, sculptors and painters; genealogists; and athletes.

It is a book that enriches Mosul, Iraq, and world libraries with contemporary history of Mosul prominent characters, to contribute to supporting the collective memory of Mosul citizens and the world intellectual and human creativity.

Ahmad Hamed Muhammad

Third Year Student

College of Law


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