Prof Dr. Basil M. N. Saeed the Dean of the College of Medicine, was delegated to France for five days from 1-5 October 2019 and visited university hospitals in both Lorraine and Renne cities. In the first day, the dean visited the university hospitals in Lorraine city and looked at the virtual hospital for training the under and post graduate students alike. He also met the dean of the college Prof Dr Mark Braun and the teaching staff at Medical University of Nancy, after that, he visited various departments in the hospital. A series of meetings and exchange opinions have been done to develop the process of educational teaching in the College of Medicine at University of Mosul to get the experience of the University of Nancy in training our teaching staff.

In the second day, the dean met the head of the Union of Universities of France Prof Jean-Luc Nahel for 2 hours and exchanged their opinions about the process of teaching. The French side expressed its willingness to support any endeavour serving the College of Medicine at University of Mosul.

In the third day, the dean visited Renne city and two meetings were done. The first meeting held at the University of Renne with the vice – president Prof Pierre Van de Weghe and the staff of university. The meeting lasted more than one and half hour; displayed the needs of the College of Medicine at University of Mosul and discussed how to get a benefit from the possibilities of the University of Renne.

In the fourth day, the second meeting was held at the university hospital with the vice – president Pierre Van de and the responsible of medical teaching Prof Erwan Flecher (Specialist in the heart surgery) in addition to a staff of international relations. The meeting lasted two hours and both parties discussed the mechanism of cooperation between the both universities (Mosul and Renne), particularly, in the medical fields, curricula, and training teaching staff.

The College of Medicine at University of Mosul hopes to get the extreme benefit from the possibilities of French Universities to develop the educational process and the scientific level of our college to the best.

The attaché in the Iraqi Embassy in France Dr Haider has visited the dean at his headquarter and the head of Franco-Corner of the University of Mosul Dr Mohammed Zuhair Zydan has accompanied the dean of the college.

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