The futsal championship (five-ball) championship for the college stages was commenced on Wednesday, 20th October 2019. The opening match resulted in the fourth stage overcoming the sixth stage with eight goals against two. In the second match, which took place on Wednesday, 23th October 2019, the team of the third stage met with the fifth stage, which resulted in the victory of the fifth stage over the third stage with a score of nine goals to three. According to the schedule of the matches and with the above two results, the fourth stage team will meet with the second stage in the third match of the championship. While in the fourth game, the team of the fifth stage will meet with the team of the first stage, after they will regularly attend in the end of October 2019. While in the sixth game, the two losers will meet with each other (the sixth and third), and the loser of them will leave the final championship this time. It is worth mentioning that six teams representing the whole academic stages of the College of Medicine participate in these competitions which are held according to the system of knockout of two games. 

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