On Wednesday, 23th October 2019, the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign of the College of Medicine witnessed more activities and activities in the second day. A number of clinical diagnostic tests were conducted for a number of female students by a group of students of the sixth stage from the college. The tests were conducted in a special room prepared for this purpose inside the students` centre of the University of Mosul. While a group of students remained in the private tent amid the gardens of the students` centre receiving visitors and explaining to them about this disease, and how to detect early. On the other hand, other groups of students went to a number of colleges, such as dentistry, pharmacy, agriculture, literature, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering for the same purpose.

In the same context, Dr Alia A. Najm received an official invitation from the Deanship of the Faculty of Political Science to deliver an awareness scientific lecture about this dangerous disease. The lecture was attended by a number of staff and members of the above mentioned college and the Scientific Affairs Division Dr Rana M. Raouf accompanied the lecture Dr Alia in this awareness lecture. For more video details click here.

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