Under the auspices of the Federation of Arab Paediatric Associations, the fourth annual International Conference on Paediatrics was held in Dubai at United Arab Emirates, from 20 to 22 February 2020. The conference included holding more than fifty workshops, with eleven lectures rotated by distinguished specialists in the field of surgery and paediatrics from various countries of the world. On the part of the College of Medicine, the conference was attended by the lecturer Dr Obay A. Idan from the Department of Surgery, and the lecturer Dr Gesar S. Hassan from the Department of Paediatrics. The aim of the conference is how to prevent all childhood diseases and the best methods of treatment, in support of the initiative: "Healthy Children for a Promising Future." On the side-lines of the works, a medical scientific exhibition was held in the field of paediatrics in line with the objectives and themes of the conference.


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