The Colleges of Medicine at University of Mosul and Chinese Wuhan held a two-day (electronic) conference on Covid 19 on Tuesday, 28th April 2020. The Iraqi side was represented at the conference by the scientific -assistant of University of Mosul, Prof Dr Munir S. Taha, and the Dean of the College of Medicine Prof Dr Basil M. Naztheer Saeed with a selection of members of  university`s council and the college` council and some teaching staff. On the other hand, the Chinese side was represented by the Vice-president of Wuhan University, and Deans of the Colleges of Medicine and Medical Science of the same university as well as an elite group of specialist physicians and consultants at Wuhan University Hospital affiliated to Wuhan University. The conference was opened with a welcome speech by a lecturer of Dept. of medicine, College of Medicine, University of Mosul, Dr Alia A. Najm (who took charge of communication and coordination to prepare the conference), then a next word by the Dean. After that, the scientific session started. Six lectures were given at the conference, which were rotated by a number of Chinese doctors. The lectures revolved around the most important methods used by China to confront the coronavirus and how to control and regress it afterwards. The most important drugs or drugs have also been discussed in this regard. After the lectures ended, there were extensive discussions by the attendees, which the lecturers answered. Then the recommendations were read, perhaps the most prominent of which is that severe prevention, isolation and social separation are among the most important pillars in confronting this virus. Before the conference ended, it was agreed between the Iraqi and Chinese sides to hold other similar conferences later, and for various medical specialties. The Deanship and some of the teaching staff of the College of Medicine at Nineveh University were hosted at the conference, as well as some hospital managers and some specialist doctors from the Nineveh Health Department. It is mentioned in this regard that the University of Wuhan is one of the five best universities in the whole of the People's Republic of China, and the roots of its first founding date back to the year 1893. Holding such a conference is of great importance, as it constitutes an unparalleled scientific and knowledge bridge, and an important radiance of University of Mosul and the College of Medicine in particular.

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