The 121st edition of the online edition of the newspaper of Wamadhat Jamia`a published by the University of Mosul, issued in 21st May 2020 with various scientific, social and cultural topics related to the university’s presidency, colleges, or research centers. Regarding the College of Medicine, the first page was highlighted on the joint scientific conference that the college held with its counterpart from Wuhan University, China on the Covid 19 pandemic, which was held on 28th April 2020. As for the third page, it included the second episode of the prolonged investigative report on health in Ramadan in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic, where the Head of the Department of Family and Community Medicine was hosted by associate Prof. Dr Walid Gh. Ahmed Al-Ta’i, and the lecturer of the same Department Dr Noha H. al-Assaf. While the seventh page presented news about a workshop held by the Department of Student Activities (on April 22, 2020), in which the head of the Department of Microbiology , the lecturer Dr Firas M. al-Taie, presented his lecture entitled "The immune system and the normal body function in defense against diseases" It is mentioned in this regard that the Wamadhat Jamia`a newspaper issued by the University of Mosul by the Department of Information and Public Relations has been re-issued online and weekly.

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