The Council of the College of Medicine (through Skype program) held on up its 18th open meeting for the academic year 2019-2020 on Wednesday, 27th May 2020. The meeting was chaired by the Dean, Prof Dr Basil M. Natheer Saeed, and with the presence of the Scientific Vice- Dean (Council Secretary), associate Prof Dr Humam Gh. Ibrahim Zubeer, and the Administrative Vice- Dean, associate Prof Dr Hazim Kh. al-Allaf, and other members of the Council were also present. Initially, the new members of the Council were welcomed ; they are the heads of the departments of Medicine, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Family and Community Medicine namely, Prof Dr Khaled N. Al-Khairo, associate Prof Dr Raeda M. Al-Wazzan, and associate Prof Dr Walid Gh. Ahmed Al-Taie (respectively). Then, the items of the meeting was reviewed (which took more than three hours), where two topics were discussed: the first is the final electronic exams for postgraduate students, and the second is the final electronic exams for students of the initial studies, while discussing the timings of the establishment of these exams. It was recommended that the Admodo platform be used according to in effect ministerial notifications. The Council hosted the Official of the Graduate Studies Division, Dr Khaled W. Turki, and the students' representative in the council, Omar Kh. Al-Mawla, where the students ’questions were answered.

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