In the presence of the Scientific Vice- Dean of the University of Mosul, Prof Dr Munir S.Taha, a master's thesis was discussed in the College of Nursing at University of Mosul entitled “The effect of hearing impairment on the behavior and communication of children in schools and special education centers in the city of Mosul,” presented by the student Hanaa A. Jamil Al-Saeed on Wednesday, 7th October 2020. The discussion committee consisted of Prof Radwan H. Ibrahim (Chair), Consultant Dr Moataz A. al-Ani (Member), and the professor of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof Dr Ali A. Muhammad (Member), and assistant Prof Dr Rabih M. al-Dabouni (member and supervisor). The results showed the growth of aggressive behavior among the hearing-weakened children according to the severity of hearing as well as communication problems with peers and the surrounding environment. The study recommended the need to pay attention to this group of children and give them a role in practicing normal life and integrating them with healthy people, to acquire healthy skills and behaviors that are not isolated. After the discussion, the thesis was accepted and the student was awarded a master’s degree after taking into account the committee’s observations.

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